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Providing high quality real estate photography since 2002, BC Virtual Tour currently serves the BC Lower Mainland, Okanagan Valley and Vancouver Island Regions of British Columbia. We provide panoramic photography services using the very latest technology and equipment. BCVirtualTour.com is a bc real estate and commercial photography service created by SellingVancouver, OkanaganLiving.com, KootenayLiving.com, VanIsland.ca and BC VirtualTM.
We believe in bringing good value to our clients, with great communication and the belief that Better Information will result in Better Decisions and improved success.

BC Virtual Tour combines full service virtual tour photography and hosting on the largest virtual tour network in British Columbia. Your real estate virtual tours are promoted on multiple websites, including our trademark 'Bonus Listing Service'. We offer exceptional value over competitors, meaning you get more service and advertising... and still save money!

Why Virtual Tours?

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All MLS properties are submitted for linking on MLS.ca automatically for you. Standard property tours (residential home) are published promptly following the photography appointment. For your exclusive marketing use, included is an online index of up to 20 large property photos. In addition, we offer a convenient photo posting service to your Real Estate Board website or personal website, and can admin listings on your personal website.

NEED A PERSONAL WEBSITE? Our system allows you to keep a personal website that updates automatically with every new bc virtual tour you order, maintenance free! Email us today for details.

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